Work that involves participation by way of contribution is there because it has been created collectively. When working with people who are in isolated or vulnerable situations the artwork becomes a catalyst for change. Its linage is of activisim and dialogical art practices.

Monday, 10 March 2008

March 2008, International Women's Day - A better world in your Hands'

Participants were provided with materials with which to decorate with their plastic bag Hands with words or images of what they have learned about positive effects hey can have on their environment. The Hands would then be displayed with other Hands made by participants symbolising that our personal efforts combine to make a big difference. There was an opportunity at this point for participants to reflect on the creative experience and add to a feedback tree.

International Womens Day 2008

Images from Workshop at Bradford Cathedral.
Clients Bradford Womens Forum and Kala Sangam

The title of the workshop was be 'A better world in your hands'. The Hands symbolise something universal yet personal. We invited participants to make there own hand from the plastic bags they have brought with them. By using recycled plastic bags we hoped to encourage participants to think about reusing as a way of cutting down waste and in turn reduce their carbon footprint.